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Quick Recap!

17 Aug

Our first week in the Sex Series was super!

Here are the highlights!

We played a game (Cassie won cool earrings and bracelets for talking for 90 SECONDS without saying “like” or “um” even once.  She’s the bomb).  And we had brownies;  I’ve got them down to an art form now.

And here is our discussion in a nutshell:

1. SEX IS GOOD (not naughty/dirty/wrong).  It was God’s idea to begin with.

2. SEX IS A BIG DEAL.  Two becoming one is nothing to sneeze at.

3. SEX COMES WITH AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL.  Since it was God’s idea, and it’s a huge deal, God didn’t leave us to figure it out on our own.  Otherwise we would crash and burn.  He was faithful to tell us CLEARLY how to use this gift!  When we don’t follow God’s instructions, we reap enormous consequences.

The girls asked such awesome questions via our question box – I can’t wait to dive into them in the weeks to come!  For all the scripture references, some great analogies and talking points, and discussion questions – check the lesson archive!




Girls Night Returns!

4 Aug

Girls Night Returns!  After a VBS/Camp-related hiatus, we’re back in business!

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be our first night talking about sex; it’s going to be a good one!

We will be introducing the Question Box, isn’t it lovely?

We’ll have it at every girls night during this series, so that girls can ask all their questions without feeling embarrassed!  We’ll be answering questions like,

  • Where in the Bible does it talk about sex?
  • Does the Bible say to wait?  Where?  Why?  How important is it?
  • How do you resist temptation?
  • How far is too far?
  • What do I do if I’ve already lost my virginity?

This is a great opportunity to hear about something really important in a totally comfortable setting.

Your parents aren’t here, and definitely no boys.  A small group of girls who trust each other, with a young, married, Christian woman to answer their questions with THE TRUTH honestly and candidly!

And of course, we’ll have food and laughs!

Parents, you can be confident that your girls will hear God’s perspective on sex, not just the world’s.
And girls, this is your chance to hear about something TOTALLY relevant to your life and get REAL answers!  Don’t miss out!

Bring your questions, your Bibles, and your friends!  See you tomorrow!