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Pumpkin Carving!

15 Oct

Here are a few pictures of the pumpkins from last week’s Girls Night.  Lots of festive fun!

And everybody loved snuggling baby Sadie!  🙂


Bless the Work of My Hands

15 Oct

This is how I spend every other Thursday preparing my home/lesson/activity for Girls Night.  Join me in praying for the girls this week!  We meet on Thursday!

I worked so hard on my house today that when I finished, all I could do was stand around and look at it.

I thought I would be cutting it to the wire trying to finish everything before the girls got here for Girls Night, but at 4:00 I put away the mop, put the chairs back, and I stood in my dining room all sweaty and flustered and realized – “That’s it!  That was the last thing!”

I was so sure that it would take all day, that for about 20 minutes after I finished I walked around aimlessly creating things to do.  I rearranged candles and picture frames; I found a new resting place for our trunk of books – silly things like that.  And after there was no more puttering to be done – I leaned against a door frame and looked at it.

My home.  It really is beautiful.  I put a big bouquet of purple and yellow flowers on the coffee table this morning and they are positively welcoming and cheery.

As I laid my eyes on every square inch of the house, I remembered what I did to each particular space just hours before.  I admired the carpet and remembered vacuuming it; I admired my coffee tables, and I remember dusting and polishing.  I admired my shiny floor and remembered the furious mopping.  (Trying to finish while Madeline napped, and still, 2 ½ hours later – she snoozes.)

And suddenly a prayer formed in my heart.  “God, bless the work of my hands and multiply it.”

I worked hard, but let’s be real I didn’t clean the house for us – I cleaned it because we have a bunch of girls coming over.  (Company is absolutely the best (only?) motivation to tidy up.)  All day today I viewed my housework as ministry.  I fluffed throw pillows, knowing girls would hold them in their laps while sitting on the couch.  I scrubbed my counters knowing that girls would serve themselves brownies in the kitchen.  All this work was for them – even if they never know it.

So I prayed over and over again,

“Lord, bless the work of my hands and multiply it.

“However much work it was to clean this home, multiply it a zillion times and make this a place where RELATIONSHIP happens.  However much work it was to put together letters and take-home packets for the girls – multiply that a zillion times and use this humble little offering of my time to pierce their hearts – to draw them closer to You.

“I can only do so much, and when I think about You, I realize ‘so much’ is really nothing at all.   So God please, please multiply my work.  Bless it.  Take it all and do whatever You will with it, because it’s what YOU DO that matters.  I love you.”