Challenge List (3/9/11)

9 Mar

Here is this week’s list of little challenges.  They are small steps to raising the bar, earning trust, reversing the stereotype.


  • Read chapter 4 of Do Hard Things.   Journal (make notes of) the things you find interesting or meaningful.  Remember to bring your book and notes next week.
  • Practice our 4 Youth Sunday songs.  (Find them here.)
  • Pray for Youth Sunday.

That God would teach us, reveal Himself to us, and prepare our hearts for leading worship.
That the Holy Spirit would draw many, many, many people to attend!
That we would be faithful in inviting, preparing, and praying.
That God would bless the service, and use it to draw many people into a closer relationship with Himself.
That God would use it to strengthen relationships between you and other church members.

  • Pray for your own spiritual growth.

That God would reveal Himself to you.
That He would help you understand the Bible.
That He would guide you through your day.
That He would show you how much He loves you in real, every-day ways.
That He would give you a great Christian friend to encourage you and challenge you.
That He would give you strength and courage to do the right things.
That He would give you new desires – to do great things for His glory!

  • Memorize Proverbs 11:22, 1 Timothy 4:12, and Romans 12:2.
  • Start writing down a running list of hard things you can do/want to do.
  • Ask yourself every day – Do I take more than I give?  Or give more than I take?  Practice GIVING.

These are small things, not difficult at all.  BUT they are likely above and beyond what you do in an average week.  Let’s change “average.”  Reverse the stereotype.  Do these above-and-beyond things – and watch how the Lord moves in your life!


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