Gospel For Asia

5 Apr

Here is some information on the organization that our Yard Sale profits are going to support:

This information is taken directly from GFA’s website.  Please, take some time to browse the site for yourself!


“The primary aim of Gospel for Asia’s ministry is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who have never before heard His name.

National Missionaries

Gospel for Asia trains and sends national missionaries because they have proven extremely effective. They are already familiar with the language and culture, and they live at the level of the people they serve, thus removing many social barriers.

100 Percent

Gospel for Asia sends 100 percent of the money you donate for work on the mission field to the field. Nothing is taken out for administrative expenses.

Eternal Perspective

In our busy lives, it is easy to be so preoccupied with our own dreams and pursuits that we lose our eternal perspective. Both the joys of heaven and the crying needs of a lost world can seem unreal and far away.

2.7 billion people

But the harsh reality is that 2.7 billion people of our generation are still unreached with the Gospel. What answers are we prepared to give to the living God when He asks about the blood of these multitudes on our hands?

Commit to live for what is eternal

Today, we have the great privilege of helping them come to know Jesus. If we will commit to live for what is eternal, this generation can be reached with the Gospel.

See the perishing multitudes through the eyes of Jesus

I pray that Gospel for Asia will become like a bridge, giving you the opportunity to walk away from your own preoccupations to the harvest fields of Asia—and see the perishing multitudes through the eyes of Jesus.

May you allow God to use your life to change the destiny of millions through your prayers and partnership with our national brothers and sisters.

97 percent of the world’s unreached

Although 97 percent of the world’s unreached lives in the 10/40 Window … Less than 0.05% of our total resources as the Church in the West are being sent to help share the Good News.

Truly there is a staggering amount of work to do.

Within the 10/40 Window:

  • The darkest of all areas within the 10/40 Window is Asia.
  • Over 80,000 die every day in Asian countries without knowing about the love of Jesus Christ.
  • 500,000 villages in India alone have never heard the Gospel.”

Reaching Asia with the good news of Jesus is far too big to do alone, but we believe in the power of collaboration.  We believe in young people – in teenagers.  We believe that we WILL make a difference by: supporting these native missionaries in prayer, raising awareness in our corner of the world, training ourselves to see things from an eternal perspective, ripping materialism out of our lives, giving sacrificially of our time, our resources, and our money – all that the 2.7 billion people living in Asia might hear the good news of Jesus for the very first time.



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