Yard Sale (woop, woop!)

5 Apr

This spring, our girls are hosting a big, giant, whopping yard sale and ALL the profits are going to support Gospel For Asia.

We were inspired to take on this project because of chapter 7 in Do Hard Things.  The chapter is about the power of collaboration – not being too intimidated (or too apathetic) to tackle things that are too big to do alone.

The idea for the yard sale was inspired by this little boy’s birthday party:  (Watch the video here!)

Q: “Why did you decide to do a GFA gift, instead of having your friends buy him toys?”

A: “We feel so blessed that we are in need of nothing…we wanted to teach our children that the desire for things is insatiable.  You’ll always WANT things, but what do you really need?  And really, we lack nothing.  So we decided to have a party where we could give, and teach the children about people in other parts of the world…”

THIS THURSDAY (April 7), we’re having our first planning meeting for the yard sale!  We are meeting at 6:30pm at Kate and Dan’s house.  The girls are really pumped about this project – they’ve eagerly volunteered to jump in with both feet in the planing, promoting, donating, cleaning, and organizing!

So girls – here are some things you can do between now and Thursday evening:

  1. Read the Gospel for Asia post (here) and visit their website (here).  Familiarize yourself with who we’re giving to – it’s important to know WHY we’re doing this!
  2. Start collecting items from this list to donate to the yard sale.  Reminder: if it’s not yours – ASK YOUR PARENTS before you bring it!!!
  3. Pray!  For:
  • God to give you the motivation and self-discipline required to make this project a success.
  • God to give you a passion for our cause.
  • God to bless our yard sale.
  • God to show you creative ideas about how you can help.
  • God to give you boldness and courage and excitement to share this project with your friends and family – and ask for their support, too.

4. Bring the following things to the planning meeting:  a calendar (to choose a date), a notebook (to make lists), a computer (to make flyers/brochures/etc.), a snack (because that would be awesome), a cheerful servant’s attitude (because that’s what it’s all about).

See you Thursday!   🙂


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