About Girls Night

Why Girls Night?

Girls Night has ONE purpose:  to grow closer to Jesus together.

But, because God is good, there are TONS of little perks, pluses, and benefits too!

  • We get to hear each other’s stories, finding surprising things in common and learning from each other.
  • We have a safe place to ask questions, ask for prayer, and share with each other.
  • We get to make friends, make memories, and encourage each other!
  • Our small group lets us hold each other accountable, and build each other up in a way that we just can’t do in large groups (or places where boys are present).

And let’s be honest, I cannot get enough of cute invitations, mid-week greeting cards, candles burning, good music, yummy snacks, and super-silly games.

When is Girls Night?

The girls and boys meet on alternating weeks at Dan and Kate’s house.  We meet on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:00.  We try to make the whole hour meaningful, so girls are welcome to come a tad early to just “hang out.”

Here is our schedule for the next few months.
July 8th  – Girls Night
July 22nd – OFF (We’ll be living it up at Middle School camp in Florida with South Biscayne Church!)
July 29th – Girls Night
August 12th – Girls Night
August 26th – Girls Night

What Do We Do?

We like to switch it up, so much so that the only real constants are: we ALWAYS have food, and we ALWAYS discuss something relevant to our lives.  We usually start with snack, then play some wild game, talk about our lives, laugh a lot, read a piece of the Bible and figure out how it applies to our lives, pray, laugh some more, and dance our way out the door until next time!


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