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I Guess It’s In the Eye of the Beholder.

29 Jun

Don’t we just have the most beautiful girls around?

We played this game at the beginning of our “Beauty Night.”  You should definitely check the lesson archives to see what else we did on Beauty Night!  There are more videos there too – awesome ones that you’ll want to show all your friends!

Click here to go straight to the Beauty Night lesson.


A Call To Young People

27 Jun

Get ready to have your mind blown.   I cry every single time I watch this, and I’ve seen it probably 50 times (a modest estimate).

This is why we BELIEVE in youth ministry.

“’The Lord was calling the young man.’  That phrase right there tells us that Yaweh God calls young people.”

Here’s the list of scripture references:  ASTOUNDING.

Samuel was 13 years old when the Lord called him, spoke to him, used him as a leader in Israel.  (1 Samuel 3)

Joseph was  17 years old when he RESISTED sexual temptation when alone with an older woman. (Genesis 39:9)

Esther risked her very life for the people of God. (Esther 2: 15)

Josiah did what was right in the eyes of the Lord at AGE 8. At 16 he “sought hard after God.”  (2 Chronicles 34)

Daniel STOOD for God, alone.  Away from his parents, away from his friends, in an idolatrous culture.  He took a stand for God at age 14.  (Daniel 1:8)

And Mary, at 16 years old she remained a virgin, and trusted God’s crazy promise, and became the mother of our savior Jesus Christ.  (Luke 1)

I love teenagers.  I love them with my whole heart.