Week 11 – Sex Series #4

Here is the invitation we used for our last week in the Sex Series!



Most of the questions the girls asked were answered at some point during the series, but I went through the box, read them all out loud and answered them anyway.  It was a great recap for some of the girls who had missed a week or two.

I also had a handy recap on my white board that I’ve grown to love.  We doodle on it, write welcome messages, prayer requests, etc.




The last 15 minutes of the night were really special. I set up a walk-through “exhibit” of sorts in my dining room about God’s forgiveness.  The last three weeks the girls have been hammered over the head with “SEX IS ONLY FOR MARRIAGE.  IT’S A HUGE DEAL.”  I certainly didn’t water anything down or mince words – I think it needs to be said, clearly, loudly, more than once.

But I know that in a group our size, many girls have already gone too far.  They’ve had sex, or even if they haven’t, they’ve gone to a place that’s uncomfortable or that they regret.  They are impure.

I wanted to spend some time reflecting on God’s unthinkable forgiveness and his immeasurable grace.  I printed out the story of Jesus forgiving the woman caught red-handed in the act of adultery.  I used a really read-able version (a mixture of the NLT and CEV versions of the Bible).  I printed the first portion of Psalm 103, and a few other verses about forgiveness. I arranged the pages in order and hung them on my wall – like a museum exhibit.

I arranged candles and music, placed arrows on the floor to direct the girls, and hung a shower curtain to hide the dining room until the end of the evening. Here’s a little pan around the room – to give you an idea.

I apologize for the lack of music/editing/ambiance.   Technical difficulties.  But it was a powerful night!

The scripture I used was:

John 8:1-11

1 John 1:9

Isaiah 31:33-34

Romans 5:21 – 6:2

Psalm 103

We closed the night by praying for each other, thanking God for his grace and mercy, and resolving in our hearts to do life His way – the only way that is good.


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