Week 1- Setting The Bar.

Week 1: At our very first meeting we got to know one another, and I set a precedent for vulnerability and honesty in our group by being vulnerable and honest with the girls – I shared part of my life story with them.

We pulled out a big yellow ball of yarn and tossed it around the room at each other, while we asked strange, revealing questions about each other.  (Questions courtesy of one of my very favorite books, The Conversation Piece.)  After a few rounds, the room looked like a giant star/quilt/spider web.  The point was – we were connected.   And we’re committing to stay that way.  So next, we laid down the rules:

This is a safe place.  We won’t stand for gossip, back-biting, pettiness, or breaking trust.  We won’t judge each other, or make anyone feel unwelcome.  We’re all here because we want to be – so we’re gong to keep this living room, this group of girls, a safe haven.  We read some really great verses about gossip – that have certainly proved true in all our experience!

Proverbs 16:28
Proverbs 12:18
Proverbs 11:13

Then I shared some personal things about myself.  I told the girls part of my story, which is really just one of God’s many great stories. (You can read some of my story here.)  Then I sent the girls home with the following packet.  They had to read John chapter 4 about a mysterious woman in the Bible and her story.  Their assignment was to write their own stories – maybe for the very first time.

Their second assignment was to read Psalm 139 and listen to “You’re Not Alone,” by Meredith Andrews.  Then they  answered a few questions to tie the two together .

Here is the take-hope packet for your own personal printing enjoyment!


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