Eagle Brand Brownies

A classic Canfield family recipe!

  • 1 can of Eagle Brand Sweet and Condensed Milk
  • 1 packet of honey graham crackers
  • 1 small bag semi-sweet chocolate chips

Put the graham crackers in a gallon-size Zip-lock bag and crush them with a rolling pin.  The pieces can be as big or small as you want.  I tend to like some chunks in mine. Then just mix all three ingredients in a large bowl!

I know that technically, there is a way to bake these.  But to be honest, I can only think of maybe twice in my entire childhood and adult-life combined that these have made it past the batter stage.  No raw eggs or anything – just irresistible sweet and condensed milk with graham crackers and chocolate!  MMmmmmm!

If you decide to bake them  – your pan must be very-well greased (I use Crisco).  Pop them in the oven at 350 “until they’re done.”  Top them with a bit of powdered sugar and enjoy!  (Remember not to inhale right before you take a bite.  I’ve choked on the powdered sugar more than once!)


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